Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Akshay Khanna Pressing Karishma Kapoor's Pussy : Shocking

This the most shocking pic of Karishma Kapoor i have ever seen. Akshay Khanna is pullling Karishma's pant with his hands almost on her vagina. And Karishma seems to enjoy the moment by giving hot pose on this...Hats off to you Mam!!


kewl said...

Thats Akshay Khanna !!! Not Kumar

bollywood photos said...

Hmm good stuff indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I am a regular commer on ur site, and i love it. I want the clip from jodha akbar were hrithik and ash having erotic scene...can u upload it on ur blog?

Anonymous said...

i think it is not a akshay kumar

bollywood said...

yes, u guyz are right..dats akshay khanna...i wrote kumar by mistake but its not rectified.

thanx for ur support

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